Dare to Care

Nearly two months ago, I had the privilege to participate in another life-changing summer intensive in the lovely heart of Nashville, TN—Six8 Fellowship. It was another great experience and I know not how to explain all the significant knowledge I gained there yet. I really don’t.

part 2

I remember last year after attending Six8 Fellowship, heading back home and talking to the other fellows about how impatient I am for the next one, all kinds of thoughts were running in my mind. I was wondering about what could be our next theme in the coming year and how different it could be. After being settled back home, I was lost in all the realizations from the time I spent processing everything I’ve learned from the summer intensive and everything else that it led me to.

Somewhere in between that, I couldn’t stop questioning myself after so much epiphany.  “What other parts of injustice am I missing now? Could there be really more? If so, how much more?” I would frequently ask myself. For the last question, I may never know the answer and for the other ones, Six8 Fellowship was the right program for me to find some of the answers.

Different than last year, this time, I didn’t have to go through the shy awkward phase of meeting everyone (literally, besides Paige), instead, it was like a big family reunion with new members, greetings of hugs and screams, I may have shed a tear or two of joy. An instant joy started stirring inside of me out of nowhere, the assuring joy, the one you experience when you’re home. After meeting every new person and a goat, things got quite more exciting, there was an instantaneous connection happening around me and truly, it warmed my heart, I mean it’s Six8, amirite?

Side notes: Before we get too serious, let me just acknowledge you some important stuff; we still did Jazzercise in the morning as last year (*claps* yaaas *claps*) we even had an addition to it —”Moskau” (yeah, don’t ya wish your intensive was as cool as Six8 Fellowship??)…and the mentors are still great (PTL).

Alright, let’s go back to the basic…

“Six8 Fellowship is rooted in the prophetic witness of Micah 6:8″ – Our Core Convictions [read more here…] 

“And what does the Lord require of you? To do justice and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God.” – Micah 6:8

This year, our theme was Creation Care. Honestly, I still have not found the right words to even start to explain it, I’m still in awe of it all and hopefully you’ll be too by the end of this post.

Sitting in class learning about creation care was something totally new to me, uncommonly the godly perspective of it. Learning about the damage we have caused to the earth was aching my heart, it was a necessity. Waste, damage, animal cruelty and the lack of sustainability were some of the environmental injustices we discussed about on the daily and with every approach, our faith was never absent.

Once again, Micah 6:8 had a much deeper meaning to me, larger areas of injustice were coming to light in my sight. I truly started to realize how much we’re destroying something we’re depended on and how detrimental are the consequences. One of the first commands of God to humankind in the garden endorse our justice to the earth, to work it and take care of it (Gen 2:15) but now, some of us are not taking it seriously (smh), some of us have forgotten about it and some of us were never taught how to. Environmental injustice is just as important as any other injustice and if a part of being a Christian is to act justly to our neighbors, nature is not excluded. It sucks and although I don’t fully know how, we need to stop it.

Being settled back home after the intensive is honestly the hard part, creation care is challenging. It’s harder than I ever thought it could be—a whole new set of lifestyle (I still have the seed given to me intact). The road to the reconciliation of this lost relationship is not an easy one, it can seem hopeless at times and it demands a certain stewardship skills that I have not attended yet. Notwithstanding, I dare myself to do my best to participate in redeeming this precious gift of God to us, I dare myself to obey, to care and to love creation, my neighbor, in the ways that I’ve  never done and should have before.

I have an amazing supportive family at Six8 that keeps pushing me to live what the Lord requires of me everyday and I couldn’t be more grateful for the bond we have grown in the past year. It’s honestly one of the best things in my life, it keeps shaping me.

If you are a Six8 fellow reading this, keep that in mind: our generation can finally be the one that makes the change if you dare to participate in redeeming this divine gift of ours.

Are you ready?

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